Course Layout

Mt Broughton Golf and Country Club is a naturally beautiful site where lush greens, natural waterways and wide fairways combine with skilled design to create a truly memorable golfing challenge.

Located deep in the heart of the Southern Highlands, Mt Broughton Golf and Country Club opened in November 1994 and rapidly gained a reputation as one of the country's top 100 golf courses.

Less than 90 minutes from Sydney's CBD, the course has become popular with golfers of all levels for its alluring surroundings and challenging fairways.

We have a number of tee positions that enable golfers of all levels to enjoy the course and their day which includes the black tees for the lower handicap golfer.

Mt Broughton Golf and Country Club provides an impressive array of facilities.

The clubhouse itself is a picture-perfect tribute to the courses Scottish heritage and the second floor balcony provides the ideal vantage point from which to absorb the views and watch the players complete their round.




















HOLE 1 – Great Expectations

Par: 4

Index: 18

Black: 342m

Blue: 329m

White: 310m

Red: 250m

HOLE 2 – Long Drop

Par: 3

Index: 4

Black: 227m

Blue: 197m

White: 145m

Red: 119m

HOLE 3 – Southern Draw

Par: 5

Index: 16

Black: 443m

Blue: 430m

White: 416m

Red: 377m

HOLE 4 – Signal Box

Par: 3

Index: 14

Black: 170m

Blue: 164m

White: 154m

Red: 145m

HOLE 5 – Jack's Hut

Par: 5

Index: 12

Black: 367m

Blue: 354m

White: 327m

Red: 308m

HOLE 6 – Ghost of a Chance

Par: 3

Index: 8

Black: 199m

Blue: 191m

White: 181m

Red: 172m

HOLE 7 – Railway Hole

Par: 5

Index: 6

Black: 538m

Blue: 520m

White: 503m

Red: 451m

HOLE 8 – Willows

Par: 4

Index: 1

Black: 410m

Blue: 404m

White: 396m

Red: 360m

HOLE 9 – Ballantyne's Lament

Par: 5

Index: 10

Black: 506m

Blue: 494m

White: 482m

Red: 433m

HOLE 10 – Dunk's Gem

Par: 3

Index: 17

Black: 151m

Blue: 146m

White: 139m

Red: 136m

HOLE 11 – Boundary Rider

Par: 5

Index: 5

Black: 550m

Blue: 539m

White: 525m

Red: 440m

HOLE 12 – O'er the Hill

Par: 4

Index: 7

Black: 382m

Blue: 371m

White: 358m

Red: 332m

HOLE 13 – The Old Gum

Par: 4

Index: 9

Black: 422m

Blue: 359m

White: 345m

Red: 323m

HOLE 14 – Traps

Par: 4

Index: 3

Black: 388m

Blue: 381m

White: 368m

Red: 336m

HOLE 15 – Phillip's Stretch

Par: 5

Index: 2

Black: 575m

Blue: 534m

White: 524m

Red: 479m

HOLE 16 – Risk–an–Hope

Par: 3

Index: 11

Black: 205m

Blue: 173m

White: 163m

Red: 130m

HOLE 17 – Broughton View

Par: 4

Index: 13

Black: 402m

Blue: 373m

White: 329m

Red: 305m

HOLE 18 – WeeDram

Par: 4

Index: 15

Black: 342m

Blue: 340m

White: 331m

Red: 303m

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