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Director of Golf, over 40 years experience and Master Golf Teacher.


Roger is also a Master Teacher in Golf Biomechanics and has helped Amputees like Shane Luke win four out of the last six Australian Amputee Championships. Roger has been teaching Tournament Professionals, A, B, C and Junior Champions and beginners for over thirty years. Roger’s family has been teaching Golf for over 75 years and most Senior Golfers remember his father Bill who was regarded as one of Australia’s best Teachers.


Your Golf Coach Roger Podmore can help you stop slicing and hit your drives longer and straighter.

We can help you keep your shots on the fairway & hit Greens in regulation figures.

We can help you to shape any type of golf shots left or right high or low.

We can help you hit golf shots off side hill lies, downhill lies and uphill lies.

We can help you improve your Bunker shots, pitching, chipping and putting.

Roger has over 30,000 hours of teaching experience with beginners, all grades of golfers including Tournament Professionals, Amputees, Disabled and Blind people.

He has all the tools and special training systems to reduce your handicap and improve your mental game.


Individual lesson packages

One half hour…………………….$ 55.00

Three half hour lessons……..$110.00

Five half hour lessons………..$220.00

One hour Video lesson……….$110.00


Group lessons 3 to 5 students cost per student

Single lesson……………………………$ 33.00

Series of three lessons…………….$110.00

Series of five lessons……………….$155.00

3 students on course lesson…….$ 77.00





Individual cost per student………………….$330.00



The Podmore family has been teaching Amputees Golfers, Disable Golfers, Blind Golfers and Golfers with bad back pain for 80 years. We also teach Tournament Professionals, Club Champions, Long Drive Champions A, B and C Grade golfers plus beginners.


Roger Podmore has been doing this for over 40 years and being a victim of several Car accidents and other injury’s he has learnt how to manage pain in his own Golf Swing for past 30 years.


Roger’s philosophy is to instill proper knowledge of your body’s function during a golf swing as well a correct posture and balance which shall improve your ball striking and overall golf swing. Posture and balance are two important aspects of any golf swing which is equivalent to our everyday life. When you have the correct posture, balance, grip, stance and alignment, you are 80% on your way to a better golf swing.


We shall also teach you all about Ball flight laws, shot making, accuracy, control, distance, short game and secrets of Putting. We shall outline the importance of purchasing the correct equipment and how that equipment affects the motion of your golf swing.


Our goal is to help you eliminate bad habits and you will be empowered with knowledge to achieve a swing that will repeat, and achieve better results.



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Golf Shop: 02 4868 3200




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